Power BI As a Career

 What Is Power BI?

Power BI is a tool for data visualization and business intelligence. it allows businesses to visualize and analyze the raw data. It accepts data from various data sources and helps to create an interactive dashboard. Nowadays many industries use Power BI to make data visualization and decision-making more effective.

What is data Visualization?

Data Visualization is a graphical representation of data using charts, patterns, infographics, etc. it helps businesses to understand the data more deeply and significantly.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence (BI) is a collection of software tools and techniques designed to help businesses make better decisions. BI helps organizations gain insight into their operations so they can improve performance and increase profitability.

Why Power BI is Popular?

1. Accepts large amounts of data

Power Bi has the capability to process larger amounts of data from different data sources. it helps you to view, enable and evaluate larger amounts of data which excel is unable to open.

 2.  Awesome Excel combination

Collecting, analyzing, publishing, and disseminating Excel business data is made simpler with Power BI it can easily connect to Excel queries, data models, and reports. Dashboards by Is anybody acquainted with Office 365.

3.  Put Ideas into action

Power BI can be used to derive insights from data to help you make data-driven business choices, data and put those conclusions into practice.

4.   Stream analytics in real-time

You can perform real-time stream analytics with help of Power BI. It enables you to access real-time analytics and data from a variety of sensors and social media sources,  guaranteeing that you are always prepared to make business decisions.

Fields where Power BI is used

  •      Logistics
  •       Marketing
  •       HR
  •       Finance
  •       Production
  •       Planning
  •       Warehouse
  •       Supply chain

  Companies that use power BI

  •        Adobe
  •        Infosys
  •        HCL
  •        Exelon
  •        Accenture
  •        Microsoft
  •        Silicas
  •        Deloitte

Benefits of implementing Power BI:

         There are a few factors contributing to Power BI’s rising fame:

  • Automating reporting processes.
  • Integrating data from various sources into a single data model.
  •   Interactive reporting with several dimensions and correlation tracking.
  • Rapid and simple analysis.
  • Uniformity and dependability.
  • Collaboration and secure report sharing with any staff member.

 Key features of Power BI

  • Artificial Intelligence – Building machine learning models may be done by users using Power BI’s text analytics and image recognition tools, as well as its automated machine learning features and interaction with Azure Machine Learning.
  • Support for hybrid deployment – Because of the built-in connections in this capability, Power BI tools can connect to a wide range of various data sources from Microsoft Salesforce, and other vendors.
  • Quick Thoughts –  Users can generate subsets of data and automatically analyze that data using this feature.
  •  Seeing a model – To make complicated data models easier to consume, users can set display folders, multi-select items and create common properties, inspect and modify properties in the properties pane, divide complex data models into different diagram based on different subject areas, and multi-select items and establish common properties.

Jobs in Power BI  

 Power BI Developer – You can transform raw data into a significant knowledge foundation by comprehending business requirements inside business intelligence settings and also planning informative models. determining the KPI with the objectives and monitoring them. developing improved business information solutions over the ones that are now available.

 An expert in Power BI –  Professionals that meet this description are in charge of creating and implementing new data analysis policies as well as building and validating new data models that assist decision-making. They work together with technical teams to improve procedures and methodologies for business intelligence and data.

Power BI salary

Packages of up to 350,000 are provided to entry-level workers. which, for a young professional, is a beginning wage. With their one or two years of cumulative experience, this mid-level group of people will be qualified for respectable pay packages once they arrive. Individuals with more than 5 years of experience ultimately obtain smart packages, and it is up to 5 LPA. The LPA ranges from 6 and 8. 


Business analytics is made simpler by a variety of tools and services that Power Bi provides. Interactive dashboards and reports may be created by non-technical people as well. It could be ideal for you if you want to work in power BI and love organizing, creating, and experimenting with data.

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